Infertility in Male Dogs

What is infertility?

Infertility is the inability to get a female dog pregnant. In male dogs, infertility can be caused by a variety of factors, including: Age, Health problems, Hormonal imbalances, etc.

How to diagnose

The veterinarian will perform a physical exam and may recommend some diagnostic tests, such as: Semen analysis, Blood tests, Ultrasound, etc.

How to treat 

The treatment for infertility in male dogs depends on the underlying cause. Some possible treatments include: Medications, Surgery, Assisted reproductive technologies, etc.

Hormonal imbalances

Hormonal imbalances can also cause infertility in male dogs, such as: Hypothyroidism, Hyperadrenocorticism, Diabetes mellitus, etc.

Structural abnormalities

Structural abnormalities, such as a blocked or damaged vas deferens, can also prevent a male dog from getting a female dog pregnant.


Some infections, such as brucellosis, can also cause infertility in male dogs.

Assisted reproductive technologies

In some cases, assisted reproductive technologies (ART), such as insemination or IVF, may be used to help a male dog get a female dog pregnant.

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