Identify Your Cat's Breed

Physical Characteristics

Physical traits that distinguish cat breeds. Explore coat patterns, colors, body shapes, and unique features.

Behavioral Traits

Breed-specific behaviors. Discover how temperament, playfulness, and social interactions can help identify your cat's lineage.

Tail Types & Ears

Tail and ear variations. From bobtails to folded ears, uncover distinct characteristics that provide clues to your cat's breed.

Eye Shapes & Colors

Feline eye features. Learn how eye shapes, sizes, and colors contribute to breed identification.

Paw Patterns

Paw patterns and toe counts. Explore polydactyl cats, different foot shapes, and the significance of paw pads.


Vocalizations as breed indicators. Learn how certain cat breeds have distinct sounds and communication styles.

Mixed Breeds

Mixed breed possibilities. Find out how DNA tests can help unravel your cat's genetic background.

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