How to Train Your Pup to Wear Dog Boots

Start slowly

Don't try to put all four boots on your pup at once. Start by putting one boot on at a time and letting them wear it for a few minutes. 

Use positive reinforcement

Reward your pup with treats or praise every time they let you put on a boot and when they wear the boots for a longer period of time.

Make it fun

Try to make the experience of putting on boots fun for your pup. You can play fetch or another game with them while they're wearing the boots.

Be patient

It may take some time and patience to train your pup to wear dog boots. Don't get discouraged if they don't get it right away.


Make sure the boots are the right size for your pup's paws. The boots should be snug but not too tight.


Choose boots that are made of a durable and breathable material.

Sharp objects

Dog boots can protect your pup's paws from sharp objects, such as rocks, glass, and thorns.

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