How to Teach Your Dog to Come

The Importance

A good recall is one of the most important commands your dog can learn. It could save their life if they ever run away or get lost.

How to Start Teaching 

Start by teaching your dog the come command in a quiet, distraction-free environment. Use a high-value treat as a reward.

Gradually Introduce Distractions

Once your dog is reliably coming to you in a quiet environment, start introducing distractions.

Be Consistent and Patient

It takes time and patience to teach your dog a good recall. Be consistent with your training and don't give up.

Use Positive Reinforcement

This means rewarding them with something they love, such as a treat or praise, when they do something you want them to do.

Safety First

Always make sure your dog is on a leash when you're in a public place, even if they know the come command. 

Enjoy Your Well-Trained Dog!

Once your dog has mastered the come command, you can enjoy taking them for walks, playing fetch, and exploring the world together.

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