How to Protect Your Pets During Domestic Violence


 Domestic violence is any behavior used to control or dominate another person through fear, intimidation, or physical or emotional abuse.


Pets can be affected by domestic violence in many ways, including:Being neglected or abused ,used as pawns in the abuser's control.


Some signs that your pet may be experiencing abuse include:Changes in behavior, such as becoming fearful, aggressive, or withdrawn.


There are many resources available to help you keep your pet safe during domestic violence, including: Your local animal shelter or rescue organization.


A safety plan is a plan of action to keep you and your pet safe in the event of domestic violence. It should include: A list of safe places to go with your pet.


 Here are some tips for keeping your pet safe during domestic violence:Talk to your pet about what is happening Be calm and reassuring,Do not leave your pet alone with the abuser.

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Domestic violence can have a devastating impact on pets. By following these tips, you can help keep your pet safe during a difficult time.

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