How to Find Your Dog's Body Condition Score


A body condition score is a scale from 1 to 9 that is used to assess your dog's body fat. A score of 1 is emaciated, while a score of 9 is obese.


The BCS is a 5-point scale that rates your dog's body condition from 1 (emaciated) to 5 (obese). To find your dog's BCS, you'll need to feel their ribs, spine, and hips.


To find your dog's ribs, gently press down on their side with your fingers. You should be able to feel the ribs, but they shouldn't be visible or stick out.


 To find your dog's spine, run your fingers down their back. You should be able to feel the spine, but it shouldn't be prominent.


To find your dog's hips, gently press down on their sides near their hips. You should be able to feel the bones of their hips, but there shouldn't be a layer of fat covering them.


If your dog is overweight or underweight, talk to your veterinarian about how to help them reach a healthy weight.


By following these tips, you can help keep your dog at a healthy weight and prevent health problems.

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