Her Cat to Pop Song Melody 

Creative Tribute 

A doting cat mom created a funny parody song about her tabby cat.

Cute Quintin   

 She sings about her cat Quintin to the tune of John Legend's love ballad "All of Me."

Silly New Lyrics 

Her lyrics hilariously describe Quintin's looks, personality and funny quirks.

Very Relatable  

The song pokes fun at Quintin stealing food, begging for treats, and more

Catchy Chorus 

 She cleverly alters the chorus: "You're my meow, you're my meow, you're my lifetime meow." 

Goofy and Charming

Her personalized lyrics are simultaneously silly, endearing and full of love.

Creative Cat Lady 

The parody song showcases this woman's talent and adoration for her cat.

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