Grumpy Cat Loves Her Grandpa

Miserable Moggie  

Coco the cat never looked happy and acted ornery, aggressive, and aloof with humans.

No Cuddles Allowed

If anyone tried petting Coco, she'd instantly hiss, swat, and run away.

One Human Exception

Yet shockingly, the grumpy feline completely changed with her elderly grandfather.

Sweet as Can Be  

When held by her grandpa, Coco transformed into a sweet, cuddly purring lap cat.

All Smiles and Kisses 

Coco happily gives her grandpa licks and snuggles, completely smitten with him

Mellow Purr Machine  

The crabby cat becomes gentle and affectionate only for her doting grandfather.

 Special Bond  

Their loving connection proves Coco isn't so disdainful with the right person.

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