Gorilla at Zoo Receives Adorable Pet Mouse

New Friend 

Zookeepers gave a 12-year-old gorilla named Kelly his very own pet mouse to look after.

Tiny Companion  

 Despite their vast size difference, Kelly the gorilla quickly took to the tiny mouse.

Bonding Together  

 Video shows Kelly tenderly interacting with the mouse, letting it crawl over his massive hands.

 Showing Affection  

Ever so gently, the caring gorilla uses his pinky finger to softly pet the small mouse's back.

 Earning Trust 

The little mouse allows Kelly to lift and hold him, showing he feels safe with the gorilla. 

Peaceful Coexistence

Kelly and his new mouse friend represent the possibility of harmony between all beings. 

Warming Hearts

The unlikely friendship between primate and rodent delights and inspires countless viewers.

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