Fecal Tests for Dogs


 There are two main types of fecal tests for dogs:Parasite screening: This test looks for parasites, such as worms, in your dog's stool.


Fecal tests are important because they can help to diagnose and treat diseases in your dog. They can also help to prevent the spread of diseases to other dogs and people.

Fecal Test 

New to your home,Going to a boarding facility or daycare,Going to be around other dogs.


You should get a fecal test for your dog if they are:Having diarrhea or other digestive problems Infected with parasites.


To collect a fecal sample, you will need to:Collect a fresh stool sample from your dog,Place the sample in a clean, dry container.


Your veterinarian will examine the fecal sample and let you know the results. If any parasites are found, they will recommend treatment.


Fecal tests are an important part of keeping your dog healthy. By understanding the different types of fecal tests and when to get them, you can help to ensure that your dog is healthy and happy.

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