Dog Trancing Unveiled

What is Dog Trancing?

Dog trancing, also known as ghost walking, is when certain dogs enter a focused state while passing under hanging objects.

The Trancing Experience

Trancing dogs move deliberately under objects, often appearing mesmerized or entranced by the process.

Not All Dogs Trance

Trancing behavior is unique to certain dogs and can be an interesting and unusual behavior to observe.

Reasons Behind Trancing

While not fully understood, trancing might be triggered by sensory stimulation or serve as a form of relaxation.

Triggers for Trancing

Some dogs only trance in response to specific objects, textures, or lighting conditions.

Safety and Normalcy

Trancing is generally safe and doesn't necessarily indicate any health concerns. It's a distinctive behavior.

Avoidance or Enjoyment

Trancing could be a response to avoiding objects or might simply be a behavior that certain dogs find enjoyable.

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