Dog Tongue Facts

Tongue Facts

Dog tongues are fascinating organs that serve many purposes. Here are 10 interesting facts about dog tongues.


Dog tongues are also very sensitive to smell. They can pick up even the faintest scent.


Dogs use their tongues to help them cool down. They pant to evaporate water from their tongues, which helps to lower their body temperature.


Dogs use their tongues to groom themselves. They lick their fur to remove dirt and debris.


Dogs can also use their tongues to communicate. For example, they may lick their lips to show submission or excitement.


Dogs also use their tongues to play. They may lick each other's faces or bodies as a way of showing affection.


 A dog's tongue can also be a good indicator of their health. A healthy tongue is pink and moist. A pale or dry tongue can be a sign of dehydration or illness.

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