Dog They Had to Give Up in Emotional Video 

Sad Goodbye

 Two young siblings said goodbye to their dog after their family surrendered him to a California shelter.  

Reading with Ruger  

The boy and girl took turns tearfully reading Ruger children’s books one final time.

Emotional Songs

They lovingly sang Ruger his favorite tunes as he watched attentively from his kennel.

Showered with Affection

The siblings showered their dog with hugs, kisses, and belly rubs during their last meeting.

One More Walk 

They took Ruger on one more stroll around the shelter to reminisce happily.

Offering Comfort

 Even in their grief, the thoughtful kids tried to soothe and reassure Ruger.  

Final Farewell

After their tearful goodbye, the siblings hoped Ruger would find a new forever home.

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