Dog Retrieves Lobster During Beach Fetch Game  

Beach Play

A man was playing fetch with his dog using a stick on the sandy beach.

Retrieving "Stick"

The dog bounded into the water to collect the stick when it was tossed.

A Surprise Catch

 As the dog emerged, viewers realized the stick was actually a live lobster!  

Clutching His "Toy"  

Oblivious, the dog proudly paraded the irritated lobster as if it were his toy.

One Angry "Stick" 

The lobster aggressively waved its pincers around as the dog held on.

 Time to Let Go! 

The owner tried persuading the dog to drop the grumpy crustacean.

Not Willing to Surrender  

Despite the lobster's protests, the dog was unwilling to relinquish his new "toy."

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