Dog Park Etiquette

Pick Up

No one wants to step in poop. Be sure to pick up after your dog and dispose of the waste properly.


 If your dog is sick, keep them at home to avoid spreading illness to other dogs.


Don't leave your dog unattended at the dog park. Be aware of their surroundings and intervene if necessary.

Body Language

Pay attention to your dog's body language so you can identify any potential problems. If your dog seems uncomfortable, remove them from the situation.


This page attachment contains additional tips for dog park etiquette, such as how to introduce dogs to each other, how to deal with aggressive dogs, and how to leave the dog park on a positive note.

Be Respectful

Be respectful of other dog parents and their dogs. Clean up after your dog and be aware of your surroundings.


 By following these simple tips, you can be a good dog parent at the dog park and help everyone have a safe and enjoyable time.

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