Dog Has Funny Reaction When Woken Up

Sleeping Soundly

This adorable pup was enjoying a perfectly good nap, snoozing away without a care.

Rude Awakening

That is until his owner decides to wake him up in the middle of his slumber to offer him a tasty treat!

Confused and Grumpy

Roused from a deep sleep, the pup looks hilariously disoriented by this sudden treat appearance.

The Audacity

The dog's face is hysterical - his expression says "How dare you disrupt my nap for this treat!"

But It's a Treat!

Despite his grumpy confusion, the tempting treat ultimately wins out and he gobble it up.

Mission Accomplished

Though initially miffed, the pup forgets his annoyance once he gets the delicious treat.

Naptime Over

Any hope of the dog returning to his peaceful slumber is lost now that he's awake. Oh well!

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