Dog Eats Dad's Passport Before Italy Wedding

Prepares for Italian Wedding

A groom ensures he has his passport the night before leaving for his wedding in Italy.

Dog Snatches Passport

His Golden Retriever suddenly snatches the passport off the table when he's not looking.

Dog Chews Up Passport  

Before the dad can get it back, the puppy chews the passport to shreds.

Wedding in Italy in Less Than 24 Hours  

Panicked, the groom realizes his wedding is in Italy in less than 24 hours.

Desperately Getting New Passport  

He spends all night urgently obtaining a last-minute emergency replacement passport.

Rebooking Flights to Italy

The groom also has to rebook flights to Italy departing first thing in the morning.

Bringing Naughty Dog to Wedding Now

With the dog's stunt, he decides to bring the trouble-making Golden Retriever along to Italy now.  

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