Dog Body Language: Lip Licking


Lip licking can be a sign of appeasement or submission. Dogs may lick their lips when they are feeling nervous, anxious, or afraid.


Lip licking can also be a sign of concentration. Dogs may lick their lips when they are trying to focus on something, such as a new toy or a command.

Lingering taste

If your dog has just eaten or drank something, they may lick their lips to get rid of the lingering taste.

Medical condition

In some cases, lip licking can be a sign of a medical condition, such as nausea or anxiety.


Dogs may also lick their lips to cool down if they are overheating.

Normal behavior

Finally, it is important to remember that lip licking is a normal behavior for dogs. Some dogs simply lick their lips more than others. 

How to Tell

If your dog is licking their lips excessively, it may be a sign of a problem.

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