Dog Behaviors You Can Accidentally Untrain


Even the best-trained dogs can sometimes forget their manners. But there are some behaviors that you can accidentally untrain your dog without even realizing it.


 When your dog jumps up on you, it's natural to pet them or give them attention. But this can actually reinforce the behavior. Instead, try to ignore your dog when they jump up, and only give them attention when they are calm and sitting.


When your dog pulls on the leash, it's tempting to give in and let them go where they want. But this will only teach them that pulling is the way to get what they want.


When your dog barks, it's natural to want to make them stop. But if you ignore the barking, they will eventually learn that it's not getting them anywhere.


If your dog is chewing on something they shouldn't, it's important to redirect their chewing to something appropriate. Leave out chew toys that are specifically designed for dogs.


The key to avoiding accidentally untraining your dog is to be consistent with your training. If you reward your dog for jumping up one day, and then punish them for it the next, they will be confused and won't know what to expect.

Be patient

Training your dog takes time and patience. Don't get discouraged if your dog doesn't learn a behavior right away. Just keep practicing and they will eventually get it.

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