Decoding 7 Puppy Behaviors

Tail Wagging

Your puppy's emotions through tail wagging. Discover how different wagging speeds and angles convey excitement, happiness, or caution.

Chewing Habits

Why puppies chew and how it relates to teething, exploration, and boredom. Learn how to redirect their chewing to appropriate items.

Playful Biting

Why puppies playfully bite and nip. Learn to differentiate between playful behavior and aggressive biting, and how to teach bite inhibition.

Puppy Whining

Interpret your puppy's whining. Discover whether it signifies discomfort, attention-seeking, or anxiety, and how to address their needs.

Pawing Gestures

Decode your puppy's intentions through pawing. Understand how they use their paws to express affection, seek attention, or signal discomfort.

Rolling Over

The meaning behind your puppy rolling over. Explore whether it's a sign of submission, playfulness, or an invitation for belly rubs.

Head Tilting

Why puppies tilt their heads and how it indicates curiosity and attentiveness. Learn how they use this adorable behavior to gather information.

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