Corgi at Buckingham Palace

The Royal Corgis

The storied history of Corgis as beloved companions of the British royal family for generations.

Queen's Best Friends

Queen Elizabeth II has cherished Corgis as her loyal and loving companions throughout her reign.

Corgi Breed Traits

The distinctive traits of the Corgi breed, from their short legs to their intelligent and affectionate nature.

Royal Tradition

The royal tradition of Corgis at Buckingham Palace, where they've held a special place for decades.

Corgi Facts

Uncover fascinating facts about Corgis, including their association with fairy folklore and their popularity worldwide.

Corgi Heritage

Learn about the heritage of Corgis as herding dogs and how they've transitioned into royal companions.

Corgis Today

Corgis continue to capture the hearts of dog lovers worldwide and their role in promoting the breed.

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