Common Puppy Actions and What They Mean

Puppy Actions

 Puppies are full of energy and curiosity, and they can sometimes do things that seem strange to us. But there's often a meaning behind their actions.

Chasing clothing

Puppies love to chase moving objects, and clothing is no exception. This is a natural instinct that helps them to learn how to hunt.

lying down

Circling before lying down is a way for puppies to make sure their bed is comfortable and safe. It's also a way for them to mark their territory.


Puppies dig for a variety of reasons, including to explore their environment, to find buried objects, and to stay cool in the summer.


 Nipping is a common way for puppies to explore their world and to play with other dogs. However, it's important to teach your puppy that nipping is not acceptable behavior.

Rolling around

 Rolling around is a way for puppies to clean themselves, to mark their territory, and to have fun.


Puppies bark for a variety of reasons, including to communicate with other dogs and people, to alert their owners to danger, and to express excitement or frustration.

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