Choose & Fit No-Pull Harness 


Measure your dog's chest circumference and girth to get the right sizntent: e harness.


Make sure the harness fits snugly but comfortably, with two fingers fitting between the harness and your dog's body.


 Take your dog for a walk to test the harness and make sure it's comfortable and prevents pulling.


Choose a padded harness to prevent chafing and discomfort.

Be Consistent

Be consistent with using the harness and training your dog to walk on a loose leash.

 Be Patient

Training your dog to walk on a loose leash takes time and patience. Don't get discouraged if your dog doesn't get it right away. Just keep practicing and be consistent.


 By following these tips, you can choose and fit a no-pull harness that will help you and your dog enjoy more comfortable and enjoyable walks.

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