Chlorine in pools: Safe for pets?

What is chlorine?

Chlorine is a chemical compound that is used to disinfect water. It is commonly used in swimming pools to kill harmful bacteria and viruses.

Is chlorine safe for pets?

Chlorine is generally considered safe for pets in small amounts. 

Skin irritation

Chlorine can irritate your pet's skin, especially if they have sensitive skin.

Eye irritation

Chlorine can irritate your pet's eyes, especially if they get it in their eyes.

Stomach upset

If your pet ingests chlorine, it can cause stomach upset, including vomiting and diarrhea.

Keep your pet out

Chlorine levels are typically highest in the morning and after heavy use. It is best to keep your pet out of the pool during these times.

How to protect

Rinse your pet off with clean water after swimming

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