Cat Mating & Reproduction

Feline Heat Cycles

The phases of a cat's heat cycle. Learn to recognize signs of heat, restlessness, and behaviors that indicate your cat is ready to mate.

Mating Behaviors

Feline mating behaviors. Discover vocalizations, postures, and interactions between male and female cats during the courtship process.

Breeding Readiness

When cats are ready for breeding. Learn about the optimal age, health considerations, and factors to evaluate before proceeding with mating.

Pregnancy Signs

Signs of pregnancy in cats. Understand changes in behavior, appetite, and physical appearance that indicate a successful mating and impending motherhood.

Gestation Period

The cat's gestation period. Understand the duration of pregnancy, how to support a pregnant cat, and the importance of regular veterinary check-ups.

Birth & Labor

The birthing process in cats. Prepare for labor signs, stages of delivery, and the importance of being attentive and supportive during this critical time.

Kitten Care

Post-birth kitten care. Learn about nursing, monitoring the health of the mother and kittens, and how to create a safe and comfortable environment.

Identify Your Cat’s Breed