Cat Demands "Oat Milk" from Owner

Owner Pours Oat Milk for Cat

An owner pours some oat milk into a bowl for her cat to try for the first time.

Cat Laps Up Oat Milk  

The cat eagerly laps up the bowl of oat milk, immediately enjoying the new non-dairy beverage.

Cat Returns for More Oat Milk  

After finishing the first bowl, the cat promptly returns to its owner asking for another serving of oat milk. 

Cat Vocally Requests "Oat Milk"

In an adorably human-like gesture, the cat starts loudly and repeatedly meowing "oat milk" at its owner.

Cat Waits for Oat Milk Impatiently 

Sitting impatiently, the demanding cat meows "oat milk" again and again by name until the owner complies.

Owner Pours Another Serving  

The owner chuckles and obliges, pouring the bossy cat yet another bowl of its new favorite oat milk beverage

Cat Drinks Oat Milk Happily

With satisfaction, the cat drinks up the second serving of oat milk, overjoyed to have its specific request granted.

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