Canine Good Citizen 


Your dog should be comfortable being petted, groomed, and examined by the vet.

Calm behavior

Your dog should be able to remain calm in a variety of situations, such as being around other dogs, loud noises, or new people.


Steps of the CGC test are:Sit and stay,Down and stay,Come when called,Walk on a loose leash,Greet people politely.


To prepare your dog for the CGC test, you should start by teaching them the basic obedience commands. You should also practice the test steps in a variety of environments.

CGC test

The CGC test is offered by many different organizations, including the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Canine Good Citizen Testing Association (CGC Evaluators).


There are many benefits to taking the CGC test, including:It can help improve your dog's behavior and manners. It can help you and your dog bond.


The CGC test is a great way to assess your dog's basic obedience and good manners. If you are looking for a way to improve your dog's behavior and to have fun together, I encourage you to take the CGC test.It can help you and your dog bond.

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