Candace Cameron Bure Bids Farewell to Dog

Candace and Her Rottweiler 

Actress Candace Cameron Bure had a Rottweiler named Swoosie for over 11 years.


The dog was her constant and devoted companion through life's ups and downs.

Candace Announces Dog's Passing

Candace sadly announces to fans that Swoosie has died at 11 years old.

A Heartfelt Goodbye 

She writes a lengthy, emotional post bidding farewell to her cherished pet.

Reflecting on Years Together  

Candace reflects on the many fond memories she shared with Swoosie over the decade.

Family Also Mourns Loss

Candace's family is also grieving the loss of their beloved dog.

Future Without Her Loyal Pal

Candace is still coming to terms with no longer having her faithful dog by her side.

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