Best Sporting Breeds at Westminster Dog Show

Sporting Group Spotlight

The world of athletic grace with the Sporting Group at the Westminster Dog Show. Witness the prowess of these remarkable breeds.

Golden Retriever Glory

The Golden Retriever's friendly nature and intelligence. Their golden coats and warm hearts make them a top family choice.

Labrador Love

The Labrador Retriever's boundless energy and loyalty. Learn about their role as service dogs and beloved companions.

Pointer Precision

The Pointer's elegance and precision in hunting. Their distinctive coat and focused gaze showcase their exceptional skills.

Poodle Performance

The Poodle's versatility – from show ring to water competitions. Discover their intelligence and distinctive curly coats.

Setter Style

Admire the Setter's graceful movement and stylish appearance. Learn about their history as skilled hunting dogs.

Spaniel Splendor

The Spaniel's gentle temperament and captivating eyes. From Cocker to Springer, they win hearts with their charm.

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