Adorable Corgi Mix Seeks Forever Home

Shelter Introduces Corgi Pup   

An Atlanta animal shelter recently welcomed an adorable Corgi mix puppy.

Pup Available for Adoption

The shelter shares that the sweet pup, named Winston, is available for adoption.

Corgi Mix Quickly Goes Viral  

After posting Winston online, the cute Corgi mix instantly goes viral.

Thousands Love the Cute Pup 

The sweet pup quickly amasses thousands of shares, comments, and inquiries.

Winston's Adorable Face

With his precious expression, squishy face, and big ears, Winston melts hearts everywhere.

People Line Up to Adopt Winston

Thanks to his online fame, many excited people apply to give Winston his forever home.

Picking the Right Home for Winston

The shelter focuses on finding the perfect family for the newly famous Corgi. 

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