7 Ways to Prevent Canine Knee Injuries

Canine Knees

The structure of your dog's knees and how they're susceptible to injuries. Understanding the anatomy is the first step to prevention.

Healthy Weight

The importance of weight management in preventing knee injuries. Excess weight can strain joints, increasing the risk of injury.

Regular Exercise Routine

The role of regular, low-impact exercise in maintaining strong knee joints. Controlled activity helps build muscle and support the knees.

Proper Warm-up

The significance of warming up before physical activity. Learn how proper warm-up routines can help prevent knee injuries in dogs.

Flooring Considerations

Discover how different flooring surfaces impact your dog's knee health. Provide supportive surfaces that reduce strain on joints, especially for older dogs.

Joint Supplements

Joint supplements that promote knee health. Consult your vet for appropriate supplements that can help prevent knee injuries.

Cautious Play and Activity

Understand how cautious play and monitoring activity levels can prevent overexertion and reduce the risk of sudden knee injuries.

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