7 Tips for Dog Exercise in Warm Weather

Warm Weather Exercise

The importance of adjusting your dog's exercise routine in warm weather. Learn how to ensure their safety and well-being.

Hydration is Key

The significance of keeping your dog hydrated during exercise. Discover the importance of carrying water and offering breaks.

Choose Cool Hours

The best times to exercise your dog in warm weather. Learn to choose cooler hours of the day to prevent heat-related stress.

Avoid Hot Surfaces

The risks of hot surfaces on paw pads. Learn how to check surfaces for heat and protect your dog's feet from burns.

Shorter Sessions

The benefits of shorter exercise sessions. Learn how to keep activities brief and engaging while preventing overheating.

Watch for Signs

Recognize signs of overheating in dogs. Understand the symptoms and know when it's time to stop exercising and cool down.

Cooling Gear

The use of cooling gear for dogs. Learn how items like cooling vests or mats can help regulate body temperature during exercise.

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