7 Pool Safety Tips for Dogs


Supervise your dog at all times.

 Supervise Your Dog 

This is the most important pool safety tip for dogs. Never leave your dog unsupervised around the pool, even if they know how to swim.

Teach Your Dog

If your dog doesn't know how to swim, it's important to teach them. This will help them stay safe if they accidentally fall into the pool.

Use a Life Jacket

A life jacket is an essential piece of safety gear for any dog that will be around water. It can help keep your dog afloat if they get tired or start to panic.

Install a Pool Fence

A pool fence is a physical barrier that will help prevent your dog from getting into the pool unsupervised.

Get a Pool Alarm

A pool alarm can help you detect if your dog falls into the pool. This can give you time to rescue them before they drown.

Provide a Pool Ladder

A pool ladder can help your dog get out of the pool if they get tired or start to panic.

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