7 Common Items in Dog Poop

Foreign Objects

Dogs might ingest foreign objects. Learn when to seek veterinary attention if your dog passes unusual items in their stool.

Undigested Food

Why undigested food can appear in dog poop. Understand how this might be linked to dietary issues or rapid eating habits.

Worms and Parasites

The presence of worms or parasites in dog poop. Understand how stool analysis and regular deworming can help manage these issues.

Mucus and Blood

The reasons for mucus or blood in dog stool. Understand that these can indicate infections, allergies, or other gastrointestinal concerns.


Hairballs might appear in your dog's poop. Learn how grooming habits and excessive licking can lead to this phenomenon.

Diet Changes

Dietary changes can impact your dog's poop. Learn how gradual transitions can prevent digestive upset and abnormal stool.

When to Consult a Vet

Consult your veterinarian about unusual findings in your dog's stool. Regular check-ups and open communication are essential.

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